Lars Holdijk

Hi there!

My name is Lars Holdijk, master student in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam. I am currently an ELLIS honours student supervised by Prof. Max Welling at the University of Amsterdam and Prof. Yarin Gal at the University of Oxford. My recent interest include a wide range of topics in machine learning such as probabilistic modelling, interpretability and robustness. Have a look at my publication list to get a quick overview.

I obtained my bachelors degree in computer science from the Rijksuniversiteit in Groningen in 2018. In between my bachelor and masters, I spend some time as a student researcher at Porsche in Weissach, Germany.


  • [04-10-'21] I just started my visit at OATML with prof. Yarin Gal at the University of Oxford. I'm very excited about this!

  • [28-09-'21] ACCEPTANCE: My work with @PriyankJaini and @wellingmax was accepted for publication at the NeurIPS conference! Looking forward to presenting the work online later this year.

  • [04-07-'21] In personal news, I finished my first trail marathon. 43.1 km of beautiful hilly nature in the Dutch Veluwezoom!

  • [16-06-'21] My first work as a student in the @ELLISforEurope-Amsterdam program with the ML superstars @PriyankJaini and @wellingmax is now available here. The work studies how we can use symmetries when training EBMs.

  • [01-04-'21] ACCEPTANCE: The ReScience journal accepted the reproduction report I co-authored with 3 other UvA master student for publication.

.. Check out my full logbook here

Selected Publications